Sibiu bear case: City police chief retires from office

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Sibiu Police chief, Commissary Cristian Negru announced Monday evening he is retiring from office, after being named as the one giving the order to shot the bear last week.

“I assume full responsibility, but not the guilt. The guilt is to be revealed by the investigators. The order to hit the animal by car, that was not mine. Our priority, of the intervention teams, was to save people’s lives and only afterwards the life of the animal. (…) I retire from office as chief of Sibiu Police and I am at the disposal of the investigators. I make this decision following the threats received during the past twelve hours against me, my wife and my children. I got an anonymous call by which I was threatened to have my children kidnapped and have the same treatment as the animal. I am in police for 18 years, but I was never threatened the way I have been in the past twelve hours,” Negru said.

The Interior Ministry report on Monday revealed that the head of the city Police in Sibiu ordered an inferior officer to come across the bear with his car. The audio recording disclosing the order was sent to the Prosecutor’s Office.

“There was the responsibility of those who managed the case, staff of the Interior Ministry, the head of the Sibiu Police, particularly, for he was designated to coordinate the intervention on the field, and there was also responsibilities for the officer when the animal shooting has been decided,” Interior Minister Dragos Tudorache explained.

He underlined that, according to the report, the bear has been shot when “there was no immediate danger” and a vet had been sent on the scene, who could have tried to tranquillize the animal.

Commissary Cristian Negru was appointed as head of Sibiu Police for six months, term concluding at the beginning of next year.


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