“Singing” fountains in Bucharest set world record

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The multicolour singing fountains in Unirii Square/ Piata Unirii in Bucharest have been declared by the World Record Academy as “the Longest choreographed fountain system” in the world.

The Bucharest Fountains, re-designed by Apa Nova Bucharest, made by 44 independent fountains, are seton the 1.4km (0.8699 mi /4593.1 ft / 1531.0 yd) man-made  ‘Union Square’ fountains complex, in front of the Parliament Palace, the World’s Largest Administrative Building, are the Longest Choreographed Fountain System, according to the World Record Academy.

by Romania Journal

The fully digital monitored system allows the control of each individual unit from the 44 independent wells, arranged on a total length of almost 1.4 kilometers along the Union Boulevard.

In addition to the unique soundtrack of each show, the “water screens” oriented to the four cardinal points will create a huge multimedia platform on which thematic projections dedicated to Romanian values ​​will appear.

The international acknowledgment comes one year after the launch of the “Water Symphony” performance, which is due every weekend downtown the Romanian Capital.

70 such shows have taken place so far, with almost 220,000 people attending, tourists and Bucharesters.

The Fountains in Unirii Square, originally built at the end of the 80s, and partially re-build and modernized in 2018, represent the longest system in the world (1.4 km), with a water surface of 16,200 m2, unique through the layout in the center of the Romania’s Capital Bucharest.

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