Slatina court rules Sorina can leave Romania to U.S. with her adoptive parents

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Slatina Court has ruled that Sorina, the 8-year-old orphan girl from Baia de Arama, Mehedinti, can leave Romania with her adoptive parents established in the U.S, as the adoption is legal. The court has thus rejected the presidential ordinance filed by Romania’s interim Prosecutor General, Bogdan Licu, in this case.

The PG’s request has been dismissed. The ruling is not final, it can be challenged within five days, but it is enforceable,” the court informed.

Slatina Court is the fifth court called to solve the presidential ordinance, after the Drobeta Turnu Severin Court, Mehedinti Tribunal, Craiova Court of Appeal and Olt Tribunal.

Interim PG Bogdan Licu announced he would challenge the Slatina Court ruling. Licu resorted to the presidential ordinance to prevent the adoptive parents from taking Sorina to the United States. Licu voiced his hope that the adoptive parents would not leave Romania with the girl before the court ruling, although the adoption procedure is already concluded.

However, the Romanian Prosecutor General claims there are clues that Sorina’s passport would have been obtained “through not so legal methods”.

At the same time, the lawyer of the Saramat family, the foster carers who raised Sorina since she was a baby, had filed a request at the Bucharest Tribunal to cancel the adoption, also claiming the procedure was not legal.

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