Slobozia placed under quarantine, Sibiu is getting ready for lockdown as well

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Ialomita County Committee for Emergency Situations has decided to place Slobozia city under a 14-day quarantine starting Thursday, November 12, due to the accelerate rise of the SARS-CoV-2 spread.

“The infection rate stood at 7.46 per 1,000 inhabitants on Wednesday, November 11, which shows an extremely dangerous spread of the virus. We assure you that all decisions taken at county and national level are related to saving human lives and now it’s time for all of us to prove solidarity and to make the necessary sacrifice so that the people dear to us to be safe”, reads a message by the Ialomita Prefect’s Office.

By the quarantine, entering or exiting Slobozia both on national or county roads is forbidden, movement of people in the public spaces is forbidden, except for the well justified reasons stipulated in the affidavits. Residents are allowed to go to work and back home, to go shopping for the basic needs or to get medical assistance that cannot be delayed. Short rides are also allowed around the house, to do sports or to walk pets.

Movement for humanitarian or volunteering reasons is also accepted, as well as for agricultural activities or to take care of a house outside the city, and for the release of documents or to obtain certain rights.

Residents will have to fill in affidavits to prove the reason for which they leave the house or to present the service card or the permit issued by the employer in case they go to work.

Sibiu to be also quarantined

Authorities in Sibiu are also analyzing the possibility of placing the city under quarantine for 14 days as well, after the infection rate in the  city has gone beyond 11 per 1,000 inhabitants. The Sibiu Prefect’s Office is to convene a meeting in this respect on Friday.

Besides Sibiu, other two towns and a village are on the lockdown list: Șelimbăr village and Cisnădie and Tălmaciu towns.

According to the latest official statistisc, Sibiu county reports the highest infection rate in Romania, of over 7 per 1,000 inhabitants, with most of the COVID-19 cases being reported in Sibiu city.

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  1. Giles Eldridge says

    the first of many lockdowns to come from the man who said there will be no lockdown

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