Snowfalls, localities without electric power, heavy duty trucks blocked, roads closed


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Several heavy duty trucks could not advance Wednesday night on National Road DN 1, in the Posada area, and on DN 1A, in the Măneciu area, due to the snow layer on the road. Three county roads in Caraş-Severin County were closed down, and several localities were left without electricity Wednesday evening due to snow and strong winds. Several national roads have been closed. National Road 7, via Valea Oltului, was blocked Wednesday night.

A videoconference with county prefects on the extreme weather phenomena was held at the Interior Ministry Thursday morning.

Interior Minister Carmen Dan said that, since Wednesday evening, a decision was made to close three roads in order to avoid the risk of blocking and snow-bounding.

There was also an ambulance blocked on the road on the way to a patient in Iasi County.

Interim Prime Minister Mihai Fifor said on Thursday at the MAI Winter Command sitting that during the night the intervention teams resolved most of the problems caused by the blizzard, saying there are no special situations, “with a few small exceptions”.

There are localities where the power supply was interrupted due to the blizzards. According to information this morning, there were 132 localities in 13 counties where electricity was interrupted, affecting about 32,000 consumers.

Several dozens of localities in Constanta County were left without electricity and water due to the very strong wind, with several power lines being damaged. In Tulcea County, 33 localities are without electricity.

Also in Prahova County there were thousands of people, Thursday morning, without electric power after several electrical transformation units were affected by the blizzard.

Approximately 80 heavy duty trucks were stopped Thursday morning in Azuga, Prahova County, as a heavy-duty vehicle skidded and was to be pulled out. In Nistoreşti, 130 trucks were stopped, the Police setting up filters and leaving only vehicles of less than 7.5 tons to go further.

Road traffic was also difficult on Thursday due to snowfall on Highway 2, Bucharest – Constanta, between kilometres 144-212.


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