SocDem chairman Liviu Dragnea gibes anti-graft ‘#resist’ protests


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The Social Democrat Party chairman Liviu Dragnea on Saturday night gibed the protests against controversial GEO 13 in a Facebook post.

Dragnea posted a photo on Facebook referring to the Daylight Saving Time switch on Saturday night to Sunday. Dragnea’ photo featuring a anti-Government protest when “#resist” slogan became popular has inscribed an ironic message: “They plan to change the hour! At night like thieves!#I resist!# Not sleeping”. The post also features Liviu Dragnea as “feeling amused”.

However, it seems that the PSD chair is not the precise author of the post, but it belongs to Johnny Badelita, who complained that his idea has been stolen. “That moment when Liviu Dragnea is stealing your post and released it as his own,” Johnny Badelita commented on Facebook.

Hundreds of outrage comments flooded Dragnea’s Facebook account.

Mr. Dragnea, you went too far this time. To satirize the people is something serious, very serious. I think that not only decency could have stopped you from posting such things, but also a minimum intuition that one cannot do such thing, it’s out of question. Others have done it and we know how they’ve ended up. Time is passing by and soon history will give you its lesson,” read a comment.

The uncool thing is that by switching the hour Dragnea is losing an hour of freedom….”, says another person.

Well done, Liviu, my boy! You got in front of yourself with this irony against people that you are unblushingly milking! Like the old saying: <if fools lacked, villains would starve!”.

Dragnea, you’d better delete this post. If you are still standing, you’d better leave and let us alone. Stick to stealing!.”

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