Social Democrat women sue Romanian satire website. Times New Roman to challenge CNCD fine

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The lover of the PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea, Irina Tanase, PM Viorica Dancila, Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea and Labour and Interior ministers, Olguta Vasilescu and Carmen Dan have sued the representatives of the ‘Times New Roman’ satire website, for a pamphlet article about Dragnea’s lover and her presence at the PSD Congress in March.

The file was registered in court on March 30, with no court hearing settled yet.

The Times New Roman and the authors of the article have already got a RON 16,000 fine, applied by the National Council for Combating Discrimination on Wednesday.

The article posted on the Times New Roman website on March 12, 2018, entitled “Dragnea’s whore, stormed by Social Democrats…”, through which a hostile, degrading atmosphere comes against the female members of the Social Democrat Party, represents discrimination and breaks their right to dignity, according to article 2, line 1 and article 15 from the government ordinance 137/2000, republished. A fine worth RON 5,000 was applied to Infant Media Ltd, that is managing the publication, RON 5,000 for the journalist who wrote the article, RON 3,000 for the editor-in-chief and RON 3,000 for the Infant Media manager. Times New Roman is also compelled to publish on its website a sum up of the resolution in this case (for 30 days), as well as in other two national newspapers,” says the CNCD decision.

In retort, the satire publication says it will challenge the fine in court, explaining the referred article is a metaphor for the servilism inside the ruling party, PSD.

We’ll challenge this decision in court, after we receive the motivation. CNCD hasn’t officially informed us anything, we heard about the fine from the mass media. TNR is not discriminating anyone, our goal is to produce high quality humour and we are against any type of discrimination. Our articles written so far are proving that. The incriminated article is a metaphor for the servilism inside PSD. It’s a pamphlet that is stigmatizing the vices in PSD. He is referring to a PSD Congress and to all those 4,000 members who were attending it, not just to those five people who considered themselves discriminated,” reads a TNR press release.

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