33 injured people file criminal complaints against gendarmes. Hearings kick off today, investigation extended

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33 of those over 400 people injured following the riot police’s intervention in force during the Diaspora rally on Friday have file criminal complaints against the Gendarmerie.

Military prosecutors are probing if the gendarmes who intervened during the protest are guilty of abuse of office or abusive conduct. Investigators ask the victims and the witnesses to bring evidence, footage of the moments when gendarmes are using tear gas, defensive grenades and when they are beating the demonstrators. Investigators have studied several footage posted on Facebook.

To help them with their investigations, military prosecutors will also ask televisions to give them the videos captured during the anti-government meeting on August 10.

Investigators have invited for hearings at the Military Prosecutor’s Office (2 George Georgescu street, district 4) all those who attended the rally and were injured following gendarmes’ intervention or those who can provide important information about the violence in Victoriei Square.

People are called for hearings on Monday and Tuesday.

Meanwhile, witnesses or victims of the clashes of Friday began to come to the surface. An IT engineer from Bucharest said he was victim of the tear gas for he was taking photos and videos on a public area.

Dorin Bodea, with over 20 years expertise in the IT field and having worked within renowned banks and multinational companies, revealed he had been the target of tear gas, despite that all he did was to take photos and videos of the crowd.

The tear gas jet came directly to my face. I was on my knees twice because of the toxic substances. I am all skinned and bruised. I have concussions from the riot police’s shields. I was out of voice yesterday due to my respiratory tract’s irritation,” he told Digi24, adding that he also saw gendarmes throwing defensive grenades, and tear gas jets amid children, old people. „The Gendarmerie has acted provocatively, not defensive in any case,” he added.

The IT engineer has undergone a check of the forensic doctors and he now wants to file a criminal complaint.

A woman in the wheelchair, pushed by the gendarmes during the protest, has also come to the Military Prosecutor’s Office on Monday.

A photo features two protesters, a man and a woman in the wheelchair, while being brutally pushed by the gendarmes. Images show how the man is pushed by a gendarme and the woman by another one. The two are seen colliding, the wheelchair kicks the man and he fells down.

Tens of people assaulted by the riot police on Friday night went to the Forensic Medicine Institute and filed complaint criminal complaints. Besides the complaints, many also attached images, photos and videos, shot during the violence.

Ionel Corbu, first prosecutor within the Military Prosecutor’s Office has announced on Monday that the investigation is to be extended also for the charge of dereliction of duty, besides abusive conduct and abuse of office. The new charge (dereliction of duty- negligence) comes after two gendarmes have been beaten and injured by some violent  instigators, with the prosecutors accusing the gendarmes has left their two colleagues exposed and they haven’t protected them.

„We’ll do pour job properly. There have been no interference in the investigation,” Corbu stated, adding that, if necessary, other colleagues will be called from vacation to work on this file.

The Prosecutor’s Office upon the High Court of Cassation and Justice announced on Saturday that military prosecutors have been notified ex officio and opened a criminal file on the intervention in force of the gendarmes during the Diaspora rally in Bucharest on Friday night.

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