9th grade pupil locked himself in the school’s toilet, threatened to set the school on fire


The Police from Harghita opened an investigation on Tuesday after a ninth grade student has locked himself in the school’s toilet and threatened to set the institution on fire. Investigators found he was carrying six knives in his bag. The boy studies at a highschool in Corbu commune, Harghita county.

The county police spokesperson stated the pupil has been taken to hospital for psychological therapy and special medical surveillance. The policeman also said that the boy had six knives in his schoolbag, of different shapes and sizes. He has been talked down to give up his intentions (he threatened to set the school on fire),” the police spokesperson said.

The boy is raised by his grandparents, with his parents got divorced after they had come back from abroad where they had been working.

Recent statistics released by the National Authority for the Protection of Children Rights and Adoption in November last year show that almost 100,000 Romanian children had one parent working abroad, while 18,403 of them had both parents working abroad.

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