Air traffic controllers cancel general strike


Romanian air traffic controllers cancelled the general strike scheduled for Tuesday after trade unions and ROMATSA management reached a deal on Monday evening.

“We signed the collective labour agreement, it will be filed at the Territorial Labour Inspectorate today. Eurocontrol has been notified, there isn’t’ going to be any strike tomorrow (editor note-Tuesday),” Transport minister Iulian Matache said after leaving the negotiations.

The air controllers announced last week a general strike at 11am on Tuesday. One of their 14 demands was to sign the collective labour agreement.

The company’s leadership has also approved the rest of the demands.

The leader of the Air Traffic Services Trade Union, Gabriel Tudorache said the fact the strike has been cancelled is a step forward. “We have never wanted to go on strike, and the fact that tomorrow no passenger will be affected rejoices us. All our 14 demands that have received the green light had a great impact on the travellers’ safety and these measures are needed,” the union leader said.

ROMATSA’s general manager Ion-Aurel Stanciu has resigned on Friday, as demanded by the labour union of the company, thus allowing the negotiations to continue. Also on Friday, the Bucharest Court had ruled the strike legal.

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