Almost half of Romanian families dwell in two room apartments

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Almost half of the Romanian families are living in one or two room apartments, with 40 % of them having three members. 32% of the families have 4 members and 20%- 5 members, according to an IRSOP study commissioned for BCR Banca pentru Locuinte.

57% families of the 7.47 urban households in Romania are dwelling in maximum two rooms. A third don’t have bathroom, even in the city (8.5%), while another third don’t have tub or shower bath.

Only 15% of these places are built after 2000. 197,541 blocks have been built during 2000-2002, with the current demand being of 1 million new dwelling houses only townward.

According to IRSOP representatives, studies revealed that people who are cramped for room in overcrowded spaces have lower intellectual performances, become more antisocial and less tolerant on interpersonal relations. People coming from numerous families living in tight spaces report an irritability rise and they feel they don’t control their own lives. Moreover, they resign themselves to the idea they will never overcome the lack of comfort in what is called ‘learned helplessness’.

In IRSOP view, the families living in crowded spaces don’t need compassion, but help, meaning they need access to financing through governmental policies and strategies to improve their standard of living.

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