Bad weather alert: rainfalls, wind and snowfalls in almost all regions. The forecast in Bucharest

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Meteorologists have issued a warning for rainfalls, wind, sleet and snowfalls in almost the entire country, valid as Monday evening to Tuesday at 12:00. The wind gusts will reach 70kmph on the seaside.

Falls will exceed 10 l/sqm and even 15-20l/sqm in some areas in Olteania, Muntenia, Dobrogea, southern Moldavia and southeastern Transylvania. There will be rains and sleet, but also temporary snowfalls.

The wind will be strong in the southern and southeastern regions, with gusts reaching 45-55kmph and up to 60-70kmph on the seaside.

Sudden shift in Bucharest

Weathermen have also revealed a sudden shift of the weather in Bucharest. If extremely warm temperatures up to 21C are still on until this afternoon, the rains and even snowfalls will come back as of Monday night.

Starting 9 p.m. on Monday until Tuesday, 11 a.m. there will be rainfalls, and sleet and snowfalls after midnight.

Falls will range from 15 to 20l/sqm, while mild wind will be blowing, with gusts reaching 35 to 45kmph. The minimum temperature will range form 2C to 4C.

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