Bad weather codes continue on Monday. Heat wave ahead

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Rainfall and atmospheric instability will continue for the next 24 hours. However, this week, Romania will go from one extreme to another: the heat wave and the thermal discomfort are coming.

Some of the bad weather codes expire on Monday morning, at 2:00. Yet, until Monday evening, at 22:00, a yellow code will remain in force for Moldova, Dobrogea, most of Muntenia and mountainous areas, where the phenomena of instability will continue – heavy rains, which can exceed 20 -30 liters per square meter and isolated 40-50 l / sqm.

Also, a code orange alert might linger in the Southern and Eastern Carpathians areas, with larger quantities of water expected, exceeding, locally, 20-30 liters per square meter, isolated even 40-50 liters per square meter, and in the eastern and southeastern part a yellow code, the director  of the National Meteorological Administration, Elena Mateescu told Digi24.

On Sunday, meteorologists issued only 21 warnings of immediate severe weather, of nowcasting type, of which 6 were of code red type – three for Tulcea county, one for Bacău-Vrancea, then for Brăila – Galați and another one for Galați county. In those areas, on average, more than 60-80, even 90-100 liters per square meter had already accumulated, and new rains were announced that could bring another 35-45 liters per square meter.

However, such a long period of rains is not unprecedented for Romania. June 2020 was the fourth rainiest month in the history of meteorological measurements, with a national average of 131.4 liters per square meter.

In 2021, Dobrogea records the rainiest June in the history of meteorological measurements, at the opposite pole from the previous year, when here we had the driest year in the history of meteorological measurements.

In Bucharest the rains are heavy as well, with falls being on average higher than 100 – 130 l / sqm, from the beginning of June until now.

Heat wave coming

However, as of Monday, June 21, 2021, the weather will get warmer and warmer, and Romania will even face the first heat wave in the summer of 2021. There will be the thermal discomfort caused by excessive humidity in the air. Weather alerts for severe thermal discomfort could come as early as Tuesday.

“We will register, on the scale of the whole country, maximum values ​​around 36 degrees Celsius, and the weather will become warm in most areas, isolated hot in the west and southwest. In Banat, Crișana and southwest of Oltenia, values ​​of 36 degrees can be recorded. In the rest of the country, where it is possible to have periods of atmospheric instability, the maximums will probably not exceed 23-25 ​​degrees. But from Wednesday the weather will continue to warm in almost the whole country, it will become hot in Banat, Crișana, Oltenia, locally in Transylvania and Maramureș, as well as in the rest of the country “, announced Elena Mateescu.

Moreover, the thermal discomfort will be higher, because the increasing temperature values, associated with a degree of air humidity in the nanosphere, will determine a temperature-humidity index that will surely reach and exceed the critical threshold of 80 units.

“At the same time, however, it is possible to talk about severe convective meteorological phenomena (storms – no.). It is possible to have torrential showers, storms and hail in mountainous areas, in the hilly areas, but we do not rule out having them in the southern, central and eastern areas of the country,” Mateescu explained.

On Thursday, however, 38 degrees Celsius are expected in the western half of the country.

Summer days at the seaside

At the seaside there will be more sun, the rains will be diminishing. Temperature values ​​in the coastal area will be increasing. If on Monday the expected values ​​on the coast are 22 degrees, from the middle of the week and towards the end it will be 25-26, maybe even 27 degrees Celsius. And the sea water temperature, which these days did not register more than 18 degrees Celsius, will start to increase from the middle of the week and will gain 2-3-4 degrees, says Elena Mateescu.

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