Bear shot after breaking in a schoolyard in Miercurea Ciuc


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A bear that entered the yard of the “Venczel Jozsef” Technological High School in the municipality of Miercurea Ciuc on Friday morning was shot.

Vice-mayor Bors Bela declared that this was the safest option in order not to endanger the lives of the hundreds of students who were at that time in the premises of the institution, the teaching staff and the citizens who live in the surroundings.

According to the procedure, the first option was to drive away, the second to tranquilize and the third to shoot. Given the fact that the bear was right in the yard of the ‘Venczel Joszej’ high school, on a tree, 30 meters from the school and hundreds of students were already in the school, and behind the school fence there are private houses, so we didn’t have the option of drive away or tranquilize, so it was necessary to shoot the bear.   

Everything took place safely and in such a way that no one was in danger. If we had resorted to another procedure, it was possible that everyone would be in danger, so the committee unanimously decided that the bear should be shot.   

The shooting took place at 07:40 by the hunter from the association with which the Miercurea Ciuc City Hall has a contract,” said the deputy mayor.

He added that the bear had become aggressive when the intervention team approached it, the animal trying to get down from the tree and run away.

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  1. Mr Rearguard says

    The bear would have left if you had just stayed away and stopped winding (provoking) it up and giving it the right steaming ‘ump (to annoy something)!

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