Blu Air aircraft from Bucharest to Stuttgart has emergency landing in Vienna after a Romanian had hit an air hostess

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A Blue Air aircraft flying from Bucharest to Stuttgart has had an emergency landing in Vienna this morning after a Romanian passenger had attacked a flight attendant.

After the plane had landed in the Austrian Capital, a police crew got on board and detained the Romanian citizen. He is now under the custody of the Austrian police.

The airline has confirmed the incident.

The Blue Air flight 0B129 that took off from Otopeni Airport at 07:21hrs to Stuttgart has been redirected to the Vienna International Airport due to an aggressive passenger. For the security and safety of the passengers and the crew, the commander decided to have an emergency landing in Vienna. The passenger has been apprehended and he is now under the custody of the Austrian authorities. According to procedures, an ambulance was also deployed on the scene.

Blue Air apologizes to passengers for the delay. Due to this incident, the flight scheduled to land in Stuttgart at 08:25hrs had an one-hour delay,” the airline said in a press release.

The incident occurred about 40 minutes after the plane had taken off.

An eyewitness told Digi24 how it all happened.

He (the aggressor) got up from his seat and kept saying: where is the centre? where is the centre? And the flight attendant told him to take his seat and he wouldn’t. He pushed her (…) later on he went to her and hit her with his hand in the chest and she fell down and got hurt on her head. Then, all passengers nearby and jumped him and confined him to his seat. When the police came he had calmed down”.

The witness said the flight attendant was shocked started to cry. “She could not believe what happened. He really hit her hard, she fell down, she complained of headaches”.

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