Bucharest has new traffic management system


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The new Bucharest traffic management center has been commissioned at the City Hall on Tuesday.

Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea has announced on Tuesday that the city hall had rescinded the contract with UTI, the private company that was managing the traffic in Bucharest.

The contract is terminated. Only this center is working. We built it from scratch, it’s an investment made by the city hall through the Street Administration, so we can talk now about a new traffic management center which belongs to the Capital’s City Hall, which is managed by our employees, while the information is going directly to those who decide on the traffic decongestion,” Bucharest mayor, Gabriela Firea said at the inauguration on Tuesday.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the center is opened non-stop and is meant to relieve congestion of the traffic by 20-30%. The investment mounted to around EUR 260,000, from the Bucharest City Hall’s funds.

Information on the screens comes from 215 traffic lights crossroads in Bucharest. Another 60 crossroads will be added to this smart traffic management system by the end of the year, and we would like that all 450 crossroads in the Capital should be integrated in this system by mid-2018,” said Gabriela Firea.

She explained the system has gang control for the public transportation, for the urban transport and the video monitoring.

When there are gridlocks in an intersection, the reaction is immediate. The system can also change the traffic lights from here,” the mayor added.

The center coordinator Cristian Stroe also stated that if a crossroads is blocked, the information is sent to the Traffic Brigade, which will send a team to solve the problem.

According to the Bucharest mayor, the new center will enable a traffic flow decongestion by 20-30%. “Yet, it’s hard to face such a large flow of cars transiting Bucharest”, she argued.

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