Bucharest to see consistent snowfalls on December 1st, forecasters claim

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The weekend promises to be a very cold one and precipitations such as sleet and snow will be consistent nationwide, including in the Capital City, especially on December 1st, said on Friday Mihai Tinu, the meteorologist on duty with the National Meteorological Administration (ANM).

‘In Bucharest, there will be a long weekend rich in precipitations. Weather stays dark and cold during this weekend. Tomorrow morning (Saturday – editorial note) there will be fog, but in the afternoon there will be precipitations, predominantly rain. In the evening and night of Saturday to Sunday, rain will gradually turn into sleet and snow. During Sunday, the chances for snowfalls will be reduced, especially in the early morning hours. For December 1st, news is not so good for the Capital area because it will start snowing, not so much during the first part of the day, but in the afternoon and especially at night, the snowfalls and wind will intensify. In addition, temperatures will be quite low, from-2 degrees to -1 degree during the day, while at night they could come down to -3 degrees,” said Tinu.

According to the ANM meteorologist on duty, at the moment, for Bucharest area, there are no signs that it is necessary the issue of emergency codes.

The specialized forecast reveals that, nationally, starting November 29 to December 1, the weather will be dark, with mixed precipitations, especially snowfalls in the mountainous areas.


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