Carriers threaten President Iohannis over delay to name minister of Transports


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The Confederation of Authorized Operators and Carriers in Romania (COTAR) has asked again President Iohannis to sign the revocation of the Transports minister Lucian Sova and to name the new proposed minister. In a press release issued on Friday, COTAR voiced its discontent that Lucian Sova is maintained in office, arguing he is serving „some interest groups”. Carriers are accusing the head of state that, by delaying to sign the revocation decree, he would endorse „a lobby action”, while warning they will sanction him at elections next year.

The question that carriers are asking Romania’s President, Klaus Iohannis is the following: Why Lucian Sova has been maintained as Transports minister, so that he could manage to table some law amendments that are clearly serving some interest groups?”, COTAR says, adding this could point that the head of state support „this lobby”.

„The fact that the President has not answered to our call makes us believe that we are the victims of a deal at the highest state level, an unprecedented one in the past 29 years and, for the lack of action, we’ll sanction Klaus Iohannis next year at elections. There are one million voters of us- employers’ association of the passenger and freight transport,” said Vasile Ștefănescu, COTAR president, who also announced they will sue all decisions taken by the resigning minister Lucian Sova.

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