Children, declared adoptable in Romania only with the parents’ consent

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Adoptions in Romania might be simplified, as the Parliament has unanimously voted amendments on the Adoption Law.

Among one of the most important amendments operated on the law is that a child could be declared adoptable without the consent of the extended family, but only with the consent of his/her parents.

However, relatives will have priority in the adoption process.

The adoptive families will enjoy the same benefits as the biological families. Besides, a financial incentive will be granted to the ones who will adopt older children or disabled children. Funds for disabled children will be also provided.

Foster parents who have already adopted a brother or sister also have priority to adopt the other brothers in the adoption process.

By the new law, the family certificate will be extended from 2 years to 5 years, and the biological parents will not be able to intervene on an adoption that has been already carried out for 6 months.

At present, there are about 50,000 children living in the child protection system, according to official data provided by the Authority for the Rights of Disables Persons, Children and Adoptions.

In 2017, less over 3,000 people had the certificate necessary to adopt a child and less over 1,000 have actually adopted a child.

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