Chilly weather, torrential rains, hail and storms expected as today through Friday


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Meteorologists announced a weather turn, with unstable weather and rains expected as of Wednesday afternoon to Friday in most regions of the country.

From Wednesday afternoon through Friday at 21:00hrs, there will be an unstable weather warning valid first in the southwestern and western parts of the country, then in the other regions, with torrential showers, thunderstorms, short spells of wind gust and hail expected.

Falls are to exceed 15 – 20 l /sq.m. up to 25 – 30 l/ sq.m sparsely.

At the same time, the National Weather Administration (ANM) has issued a Code Yellow warning for unstable weather valid through Thursday morning in six western counties: Bihor, Arad, Timis, Caras-Severin, Mehedinti and Dolj.

During May 12, 16:00hrs – May 13, 10:00hrs, there the weather will get unstable, with thunderstorms, hail and torrential rain showers in store in Banat, Crisana, as well as the southwest of Oltenia. Precipitation should exceed 25 – 30 l/sq.m.

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