Cloud of Saharan dust to reach Romania

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A cloud of Saharan dust from northern Africa is spreading across Europe, and it will also reach Romania starting this evening. The deposits of dust will be seen on the night of Monday to Tuesday and also in the first part of Tuesday.

According to the Romanian Meteorology Administration, the air circulation above Europe will favour an air mass of Saharan dust to advance towards southern, central and southeastern Europe, including above Romania.

It will be raining in these areas and that will enable dust deposits, yet the concentration of dust particles that will reach Romania will be low.

Dust deposits in Romania will be noticed in those areas where it will rain, with a higher probability on Monday night to Tuesday, in the western, northwestern and central regions of the country, and also on Tuesday morning in the hill and mountains areas, as well in central and northeastern territory.

Doctors are recommending people to avoid going out during these rains and to shut down windows. The ones who have respiratory diseases must particularly avoid exposing themselves to the Saharan dust as it aggravates their affections.


It is not the first time Saharan dust clouds are reaching Romania.

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