Code Yellow alert for snowfalls in 11 counties

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Romanian weather forecasters have issued a Code Yellow alert for snowfalls and strong wind in 11 counties until Saturday, November 21, at 14:00hrs.

There will be moderate snowfalls in Sălaj, Cluj, Alba, Hunedoara, Caraș-Severin, Mehedinți, Sibiu, Vâlcea, Brașov, Argeș and Dâmbovița counties.

It will be snowing in most past of Western and Southern Carpathians, with a consistent pack of snow. There will be snows also in southern and southwestern Transylvania on Friday night and in the first part of Saturday.

The code yellow alert is coming into force on Friday at 20:00hrs and is valid till Saturday, at 14:00hrs.

There will be rainfalls in the rest part of the country, with sleet in Transylvania, and in the hilly areas of Moldavia, Muntenia and Oltenia.

The wind will blow with 60-70kmph in the mountain areas.

Cold weather in Bucharest

The weather will get colder in Bucharest this weekend, with the maximum temperature to climb down to 5-6C on Saturday.

The sky will be mostly cloudy, with scattered showers expected after midnight on Friday to Saturday.

 The wind will blow with 35-40kmph.

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