Code yellow for rains extended by this night. Flooded streets, houses on the seaside

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The National Meteorology Administration has extended the code yellow alert for rainfalls, thunderstorm and wind valid for six counties in eastern and southeastern country until Friday at 23:00.

So, it will rain in these areas, while in central and eastern Moldavia the weather will get unstable and it will pour down, there will be thunderstorms, strong wind and possible hail.

ANM says that rains will exceed 30-40 liters/sqm in Galati, Braila, Ialomita, Calarasi, Tulcea and Constanta counties.

In Constanta, rains have already played havoc, including in the city and the seaside resorts.

Tens of houses and streets were flooded after it has been raining continuously for the past 24 hours. Firefighters are deployed to take the water out in several resorts and villages on the Black Sea shore, with the most of notifications coming from Mamaia, the luxury resort on northern seaside.

The firemen were also asked for help in a flooded kindergarten in Constanta.

40 request were registered in Constanta city, but also in Medgidia, Eforie Nord, Cernavodă, Mihail Kogălniceanu, Cumpăna, Ovidiu and Agigea. 15 requests came from Mamaia resort, where crossroads turned into real lakes.

The firemen in Constanta went to a kindergarten in the city, whose courtyard had been flooded following torrential rain. The water penetrated into the house where there were several children.

Firemen helped teachers to take the children upstairs and then they took the water out from the flooded areas.

12 households have been flooded in Cernavoda.

The torrential rains also affected Tulcea, with a great part of the city being flooded and the traffic was blocked. The rains played havoc in Tulcea several weeks ago as well, due to the poor sewage system.

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