Competition Council considers Monitor of prices, retailers say it’s useless


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The Competition Council wants to launch this year the “Monitor of prices”, while the Association of Big Commercial Networks in Romania (AMRCR) contests the utility of the online platform and announces that it won’t support the project. “We have support from the Government to launch a project called the “Monitor of prices”. What do we want? We want to facilitate consumers’ access to information on the prices of certain products,” said on Tuesday the president of the Competition Council, Bogdan Chiritoiu, in a press conference.

At the same time, AMRCR states in a press release that the “Monitor of prices” copies the Greek model, a choice considered by the Association totally uninspired, given that large international retail chains are not present in Greece. The association has submitted its point of view both to the Competition Council and to the National Authority for Consumer’s Protection.

As it is already well known, in the sales activity performed by the large retail chains price changes can occur on a daily basis, and, in some cases, even several times in the same day, depending on the market’s dynamics. For a consumer to be able to actually benefit from the lowest price, he should have continuous access to the Internet, as well as the ability to move quickly to that location.

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