Could mediation be a brand for Romania?

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The upcoming Congress of the Union of Mediation Centers in Romania is set to find some answers.


The ninth Congress of the Union of Mediation Centers in Romania (UCMR), rejoining the professional mediation associations in the entire country, will take place during May 22-24 in Bucharest, at Ramada Hotel&Suites, Diamond Hall (44A Daniel Danielopolu street).

“Mediation as country brand” will be the main topic of the meeting that is due on May 23, between 11:45 and 13:30. The topic will continue the debate of last year. In 2015, the debate panel will bring together professional mediators from UCMR concerned about the profession’s future, as well as other guests representing relevant fields for mediators, in order to confront the society’s perspective on mediation with the one of the professionals in this field.

The key question of this year’s debate is „Can mediation be a brand for Romania?”, with a special focus on the horizontal intercrossing fields with other fields represented by the guests.

Romania has recently become a benchmark of the peace mediators worldwide, as Bucharest hosted the Annual Congress of Mediators Beyond Borders (USA) in April 2015, in partnership with STARS Mediation Association in Romania, affiliated to UCMR.

This year, UCMR mediators and their guests will seek to determine where is mediation standing at this moment and what are its expansion perspectives, as socially useful action, in the future, considering the latest changes inside the profession, such as setting up county mediation bodies to efficiently defend the mediators’ rights, to provide every citizen with an easier, quicker and more convenient solution of solving any disputes or litigation.The congress will also tackle the social peace issue, the one of mediation utility for the public and of the audience’s response to mediation, will debate the mediators’ role in raising the internal capacity to peacefully respond to conflicts of the local communities and groups.Can Romania be known for more than waters, mountains and traditions? Is our society able to make a point through mediation? These are a few questions that the upcoming congress is set to debate.banner mediereIn the third day of the congress, UCMR will elect its leadership for the next two years. The congress’ sessions will end on May 23 with a gala banquet.

Union of Mediation Centers in Romania was set up in 2005. “Mediation, the most recent profession set up in Romania, is an example of how something extremely useful for society has arisen from nothing (…) I hope that, with the help of a good promotion of the mediation, more and more disputes will be amiably solved. I would also like an example to be given regarding the part that professional organizations are playing in the Romanian society,” reads a message of HRH Princess Margareta of Romania addressed to UCMR.

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