Cyclone that Played Havoc in Europe Reaches Romania

New wave of Saharan dust also expected.


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The cyclone that put several countries in Europe on weather alert also reaches Romania. Romanian meteorologists have issued two yellow code warnings of rain, storms and hail, phenomena that will gradually expand and cover half the country.

From today at 4:00 p.m. until Wednesday at 10:00 a.m., a yellow code of temporarily heightened atmospheric instability is in effect. The weather will  gradually go unstable in Banat, Oltenia, south-west Transylvania and south Crișana, where there will be strong wind gusts, gales (speeds of 50…70 km/h), torrential showers, frequent thunderstorms and isolated hail falls.

In short periods or through accumulation, water quantities will range from 20 to 25 l/m², and in isolated areas, over 40 l/m². Starting Tuesday at 10:00, the yellow code for rain and atmospheric instability will extend for 24 hours, affecting Banat, Oltenia, Maramureș, western Transylvania, and Muntenia, as well as the Western Carpathians. During this time, there will be periods of intense atmospheric instability, characterized by torrential downpours, electrical discharges, strong winds, and isolated hail. In short intervals or through accumulation, water quantities will be 25 to 30 l/m², and in isolated areas, over 40 l/m².

Cyclone could also bring a new wave of Saharan dust over Romania

Meteorologists announce that a new wave of Saharan dust will arrive over Romania, starting Tuesday evening, and will be observed especially over the western and southwestern regions.

“During May 21 – 22, air circulation, predominantly south-westerly, will favor the advance from the north of Africa of an air mass loaded with dust particles of Saharan origin, over the south-east of Europe”, the ANM reported on Tuesday.

According to ANM, on Tuesday evening and during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday (May 21/22) this air mass will be present over Romania, especially over the western and south-western regions.

“On Wednesday (May 22) it will be present over the northwest, center and south of Romania. As a result of the rains forecast in our country, in the next 48 hours, dust deposits can be observed in the areas and in the intervals mentioned above”, ANM also informed.

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