Danone Romania donates 250.000 euro to Daruieste Viata for PPE in hospitals across Romania

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Danone Romania donates 250.000 Euro (approximately 1.200.000 RON) to Daruieste Viata to sustain the fight against the pandemic.

The company’s employees are directly involved in collecting the needs of the hospitals throughout the country and with the valuable partnership of Daruieste Viata team, the right equipment and medical materials will be provided.

“In times like this is more important than ever to act with clarity, to be sharp in response and to stick together. That is why, to protect the employees and partners, our company made a global commitment to support them and to secure the supply chain of our products.  At the same time, we continue to be close to the community and to offer our help. We identified the best possible way to cover some of the constantly growing needs of equipment and medical gear in the most vulnerable places in Romania. And all these, with the help of our colleagues who volunteered to offer their support to collect the needs directly from the hospitals throughout the country. We are all responsible and it is important to be united in order to get through in the best way we can.  For us, our vision “One Planet, One Health” is even more relevant than ever.”, said Natalia Gelshtein-Kiss, Market Director of Danone Romania, Bulgaria and Adriatics.

”It is very important, during this period, to be close to our communities and to offer our support in Bucharest and in the country, both in smaller and larger cities. For us, #ReușimÎmpreună is more than a campaign name, is what animates us and makes us move further. There is no better cause than life. We invite all people who would like to join, to bring their contribution to help the medical staff and to give one more chance to the patients in Romania.” – Oana Gheorghiu, founder Dăruiește Viață.

”With responsibility and solidarity we will pass together over this pandemic. We appreciate Danone’s involvement to support the hospitals in Romania and the medical staff, in order to be able to offer the necessary healthcare for patients with coronavirus, but also with other pathologies. Every action matter, because it can save a life. We hope that more and more companies and individuals will join with donations on daruiesteviata.ro site.” – Carmen Uscatu, founder Dăruiește Viață.

Since the beginning of the pandemic Danone team has been constantly supporting the Romanian communities with over 400,000 products donations (yogurts, sour cream, plant based products), amounting over 280,000 Euro for patients and doctors in hospitals, as well as for people who are in vulnerable situations. On this front, the company will continue to help the people in need during this difficult period.

At the same time, caring for the safety of its employees, partners and consumers, the company also took even stricter measures to secure its entire supply chain: starting with the milk collected from the Romanian farmers, moving to the factory and warehouse in Bucharest and finishing with the deliveries to the stores. Other preventive measures were taken, such as additional disinfection stations and carpets being placed in the premises, increased disinfecting actions of all surfaces before and after each working shift, as well as of the busses transporting the employees to the factory and warehouse.

Thinking of the employees, on a global level, the company made a firm commitment securing contracts and wages for the 100,000 Danone employees worldwide until June 30, 2020, offering extensive coverage (health, childcare, quarantine) and a specific bonus for working on site during the pandemic.

During this time, it is important to be together, to show solidarity and to help. Everybody can contribute and join Daruieste Viata initiative, who supports the hospitals in Romania during the pandemic, by sending an SMS to 8826 with the message ÎMPREUNĂ. (the value of the SMS is 2Euro, and the SMS can only be sent on the territory of Romania).

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