Defence Ministry on April 1: Military training becomes mandatory as of today


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The Defence Ministry makes jokes on Fools Day, April 1, as it announces that military training becomes mandatory as of today.

“Good morning! Military training is, as of today, mandatory! We start the week with long awaited news. Youngsters aged 20-35 will receive information in due time,” the ministry posted the message on Facebook.

The post stirred debates regarding the mandatory military training. Some have understood the joke, but others believe the young generation really needs such training.

“I know it is April 1. But it would be much better. The youngsters are too childish nowadays. The military training would get you on your feet, make you responsible, organized, disciplined. I respect Romanian Army!” one of the messages read.

Another message was: “Unfortunately, it is April 1. It would be better to make it mandatory, to have real men and so we’d have an army, which should not go throughout the world to fight wars that are not ours.”

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  1. Bryan L Davidson says

    Not cute or funny.

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