DNA notifies Judicial Inspection over ex-intelligence officer’s statements

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The anti-corruption chief prosecutor, Laura Codruta Kovesi has asked the Judicial Inspection to conduct checks on the latest statements made by ex-intelligence officer Daniel Dragomir on TV on September 11. The former intelligence officer, currently sent to court for corruption deeds, has stated, among others, that the Romanian Intelligence Service officers used to make the indictments of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA).

In retort, DNA says the statements are denigrating and calumnious, reflecting on the judicial system’s independence.

Daniel Dragomir hinted that the DNA indictments are not based on the evidence instrumented by the prosecutors, according to the criminal procedural provisions, but that they would have been drafted by the employees of another institution, namely SRI, while the role of the DNA prosecutors would have come down to signing and sending the indictments to court,” says the DNA release.

At the same time, DNA says that the statements “have a major impact on the public opinion and are meant to reflect on the judicial system’s independence”.

The statements are denigrating and calumnious, are made by a person who is currently a defendant, judged by the Bucharest Court of Appeal, and they are meant to undermine the judiciary authority and to question the professional deontology of the magistrates,” the DNA added.

Daniel Dragomir, former chief officer within SRI, has stated in a TV interview on Monday night that SRI used to take care of the indictments and used to enable “a corridor” to obtain the sentence. Dragomir also revealed that there are a lot of undercover agents among magistrates.

SRI officers used to draft the indictments, while the brave DNA prosecutors used to take, sign and send them to court, on the chance that the tactic field will keep in taking care to ensure the needed corridors for the conviction,” Dragomir told Romania TV.

The former SRI officer confirmed that the Service also used to take care of the court panels.

Notes were sent through envoys particularly appointed by certain judges. There were personal relations among judges and officers who were directly involved in the tactic field, relations developed in time, for instance general Dumbrava used to endorse judges to reach certain positions. The second case, based on blackmail, such as SIPA archive and thirdly, the case of the undercover agents in the justice system,” Dragomir also said.

Moreover, the former intelligence officer claims that politicians, businessmen or journalists have been tapped on national security warrants, for five years, and after that Laura Codruta Kovesi, who signed the warrants, had asked them at DNA, when it became chief prosecutor.

According to Dragomir, the warrants used to be required by the Romanian Intelligence Service, Okayed by Dumitru Dumbrava and signed by Florian Coldea, former deputy head of the SRI.

Dragomir also disclosed the practice of undercover companies in Romania, saying they are necessary for SRI, but their mission have been perverted during Florian Coldea’s mandate. He added that no normal company has any chance to win an e-procurement contract with the state because of the undercover companies.

Daniel Dragomir left SRI in 2013, claiming his move to resign was an act of honour as his vision and SRI’s practice came into conflict.

He is investigated in the Black Cube file, where more people were charged with attempting to intimidate DNA chief prosecutor, Laura Codruta Kovesi. Former chief within the SRI’s General Direction of Preventing and Countering Terrorism, Dragomir was placed under preventive arrest early this year in this file, being suspected of having brokered the relation between those who wanted to find information on Kovesi and the Black Cube’s employees, who would have the mission to spy on her and to intimidate her.

Dragomir also has a sentence on probation for corruption, pronounced in a first court in December 2016.

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