Environment minister: Constant fight against mafia groups around illicit waste imports

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Environment minister Tanczos Barna told an interview to Digi 24 that it is ‘a constant fight against the mafias”, the criminal groups revolving around the waste imports. The minister said that Romania lacks an organised system of selective collection and for the ecologic storage of waste.

“The waste import is illegal. Significant recyclable waste amounts are being sold within the European Union from one state to another.

We agreed with the Police on the ways to restrict the access of certain products in Romania, to scan trucks, to see what they contain and to compare the findings with the documents. It is a constant fight against the mafias, there are several criminal organized groups around these activities”, the minister stated.

He exemplified with the situation in Bihor, when almost 190 tons of waste were found in the courtyard of a company, brought by trucks from Italia. From there the waste was being transported to a recycling company in Cluj, etc. “These people are organized“, the minister stressed.

He announced upcoming checks at local public authorities, physical persons, companies and land owners, “so that they feel their pockets burning”.

At the end of March this year, the new Commissioner of the Environmental Guard, Octavian Berceanu, recounted how several persons started “to beat” him on December 31, 2020 when he found them throwing waste in an area destined for forestation in the Bucharest District 6.

Berceanu said they had just directly come to throw a punch on him, saying it is not the only case and this is happening to many other environmental activists in Romania.

Rubber waste container from UK found in Constanta Port

A container loaded with rubber waste arrived from the UK and destined to a company in Valcea has been found out in Constanta Port. It will be returned to the origin country.

The container was loaded with green tires, rubber waste weighing around 25,000 kilos. The transport was supposed to reach an importer from Valcea.

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