Extreme Heat Alert Issued for 16 Counties and Capital on Tuesday


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All of southern Romania has been under a yellow and orange code heatwave warning. 38C record maximum temperatures were reported at weather stations in the south of the country, on the hottest day since the beginning of the year. Today will be even worse, the meteorologists announce, it will be 39 degrees in Dobrogea.

Most of Muntenia, the south-east of Oltenia, the continental part of Dobrogea and the south of Moldova will be under Code Orange for heatwave and heightened thermal discomfort until Wednesday morning, according to a warning issued by the National Meteorological Administration.

Between June 11, 10:00 a.m. and June 12, 10:00 a.m., in the areas covered by the meteorologists’ warning, particularly high temperatures will be recorded for this date, the maximums will generally be between 35 and 37 degrees, there will be heatwave and heightened thermal discomfort, and the temperature-humidity index (ITU) will exceed the critical threshold of 80 units.

The orange code will affect the capital and the counties of Tulcea and Constanţa (partially) and Galati, Brăila, Ialomiţa, Călăraşi, Giurgiu, Ilfov, Buzău, Vrancea, Prahova, Dâmboviţa, Teleorman, Argeş, Olt and Dolj (fully).

At the same time, in the center of Moldova and the north of Oltenia and on the coast, there will be Yellow Cod due to heatwave. In these regions, high temperatures will be recorded for this date, the maximums will be between 30 and 34 degrees, and thermal discomfort will be high, with the temperature-humidity index (ITU) being around 80 units. At the same time, in some places the nights will be tropical, with minimum temperatures reaching and slightly exceeding 20 degrees.

Bucharest forecast: Two days of heat, but also thunderstorms expected

The National Meteorological Administration (ANM) has issued a special weather forecast for Bucharest, valid until Wednesday evening, 9 p.m. The heatwave will persist, with the maximum temperature reaching 37 degrees, according to specialists. During 11.06-12-06, at 09.oo, the heat wave will persist, and the thermal discomfort will remain accentuated. The temperature-humidity index (ITU) will exceed the critical threshold of 80 units. The sky will be variable and the wind will blow moderately. The maximum temperature will be around 37 degrees, and the minimum will be 18-20 degrees, according to ANM.

For Wednesday, 12.06, the daytime thermal values ​​will decrease compared to the previous interval, but they will still reach the threshold of heat wave in the afternoon. Thermal discomfort will still be high. Skies will be changeable, with a high probability of heavy clouds, showers, lightning and short-lived wind intensifications in the afternoon and evening. The maximum temperature will be 33-35 degrees.

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