Five cars having Romanian registration marks, set on fire in Rome


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Five cars registered with Romanian numbers have been set on fire in Rome, Italy on Sunday morning. There no victims in the incident, but the cars have been completely ruined.

Locals from Borghesiana district, located at Rome’s eastern outskirts, were waken up by strong noises around 4 o’clock in the morning, informs. All cars had Romanian registration marks.

Firemen arrived on the scene, but they could only observe the damages. Carabineers are probing into the incident, initiating an investigation for intended damage. According to the quoted source, Italian investigators also follow the hypothesis of a racist, xenophobe action committed by some fire-raisers against the Romanian community in Italy.

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed it is watching the case very closely, pending an official answer from the local authorities.

‘The Foreign Ministry has noticed that this is not the first time when such an incident happen in the Italian capital city when cars bearing Romanian number plates are burned down, which induces a suspicion that such acts could be of a xenophobic nature as well. Given the context, the Foreign Ministry is voicing its expectation that the local authorities will very seriously investigate the incident that occurred on March 1, 2015 in the morning, including from the perspective of an action motivated by xenophobia,’ MAE says in a press release.


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