Fourth member of ‘Goodbye to Gravity’ band, bass singer Alex Pascu dies. Death toll up to 51

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A fourth member of the ‘Goodby to Gravity’ rock band, injured in the ‘Colectiv’ fire has died on Wednesday evening. Bass singer Alexandru Pascu died the day he was being transferred to a hospital in France. 33-year-old Alex Pascu, son of Ana Pascu, vice-president of the International Fencing Federation, had been admitted to Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest in serious condition since October 30, the day of the blaze.

His family wanted to transfer him to a hospital in Germany last week, too, but his condition worsened and they decided to stop the transfer procedures, as there was the risk of complications.

On Wednesday, it was decided that he should be transferred to a hospital in France. Unfortunately, he died on the airport in Paris, where the plane has landed around 19:30.

His death rises the ‘Colectiv’ fire death toll to 51. He is the fourth member of the band who dies, after the two guitarists who passed away right at the moment of the blaze on October 30 and the drummer, who died three days ago in the aircraft that was transporting him to a hospital in Switzerland.

The lead vocalist is the only ‘Goodbye to Gravity’ surviving member. He was also transferred to a hospital in the Netherlands last week, in serious condition.

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