French Ambassador: Romania should invest in all types of infrastructure


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Romania needs to invest in all types of infrastructure and to provide competitive conditions for attracting other French investors, the French Ambassador in Romania, Francois Saint-Paul, said on Thursday.
“The Romanian party should provide competitiveness conditions, so that more French investors come. It means infrastructure in all areas. We talk constantly of highways, but there are other infrastructures to be developed. What I call infrastructure investment means that the public sector must do in order to create the conditions for sustainable development. That means public administration reform, to have a competent administration,” said the French envoy in a press conference.
“Economically I see this relationship in a very positive way. We are the third or the fourth investor in Romania. French companies, be it about French companies or the ones having French capital, have a turnover of some 10-15% of the GDP,” the diplomat said.
The ambassador said that ‘Dacia is a great Franco-Romanian success story’, but there are numerous other examples, ‘ranging from agriculture to electronics and cars.’
“For me, this relationship is going very well and there is a relationship in which we only sell and buy, but a genuine industrial partnership. We are here and we want to stay for a long period of time because we love Romania and we trust it,” added the French ambassador.
Francois Saint-Paul believes Romania has other riches to be enhanced, such as innovation capacity, and the state has an important role in highlighting this resource.

France National Day to be marked in Bucharest with climate changes theme

France will celebrate its National Day in Bucharest by a reception where the menu, dishes and all the other elements relating the organisation will be conceived in such a manner as to affect the environment as little as possible and curb the global warming phenomenon.More precisely,  recycable decorations and materials will be used, while the menu will be especially designed to avoid food waste and local products will be largely served.

French ambassador Francois Saint-Paul said the event will be organized under the banner of Paris Climate 2015 Conference that France will host in December.

“We have sent no invitation on paper, no sheet of paper has been sent, everything has been done through the Internet”, French ambassador told Thursday news conference.

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