Half of Romanians fear public speaking

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Public speaking seems to be a big issue for almost half of the Romanians. Five percent say they could never do it, their fear reaching the maximum level, according to a survey conducted by Rogalschi Damaschin agency.

Meanwhile, one in four Romanians speaks in public only if required to do so. Those who manage to overcome their fear have problems both with preparing the speech and with presenting it. Yet they have the courage to stand up and say something (16 percent) and 37 percent are in a flap when they give a speech, according to the research.

When they stand up to give a speech, almost 40 percent of the respondents have the empty stomach sensation and one in four feels that “the brain got empty” and that they have no idea. Only 19 percent of the respondents stated that they succeed to put themselves together and to present their ideas in a fluent manner.

In most cases, the fear of public speaking is manifested through the tremulous shaking of the voice (44 percent of respondents). At the same time, 26 percent of the respondents mentioned the inability to establish and maintain eye contact with those in the public. Another 17 percent of respondents say they lose their ideas and that they stutter during the speech, while 14 percent of them feel their legs trembling and do not know how to move their hands.

The fear of public speaking is influenced also by the size of the public. Most of the respondents said they would feel nervous in front of an audience of more than 10 people (63 percent) and 13 percent of them in front of even less than ten people. Only 24 percent of respondents say that public speaking represents a problem for them only from 100 people up.

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