Heavy rain and storm alerts all through the country


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Romanian meteorology authority has issued several alerts for heavy rainfalls and unstable weather all through the country till Saturday, at 10:00hrs. Vâlcea, Gorj and Argeș counties are under a code red warning of heavy rains.
Code Yellow alert
During September 2, at 12:00hrs till September 3, at 10:00hrs, a code yellow alert will be in force in western, eastern and southeastern country, with torrential rains expected. The rains will be accompanied by thunderstorms and wind gusts, in southeastern Muntenia and Dobrogea, especially in the evening and at night. Starting Saturday morning the showers will be restricted to southeastern and eastern territory.

Code Orange

In Oltenia, Transylvania, locally in Maramureș, Muntenia and Dobrogea there will be periods of torrential downpours, and in short periods of time or through accumulation water quantities of 40…60 l/m2 will be recorded and isolated in Oltenia over 70…80 l/m2. In the southeast, showers will also be associated with electrical discharges, intensification of winds and gales.

Code Red

Local Red Code in Vâlcea county, in the mountainous and sub-mountain areas of Gorj and Argeș counties, amounts of water of 70…90 l/m2 and isolated over 100 l/m2 will accumulate.


In Bucharest, during the indicated time interval, the sky will be cloudy and especially in the evening and at night there will be showers and thunderstorms. Amounts of water of 15…25 l/m2 will accumulate and in isolation over 35 l/m2. The wind will generally blow moderately. The maximum temperature will be 25…27 degrees, and the minimum 13…14 degrees.

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