Hottest Late March in Over 70 Years Forecast This Weekend


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Meteorologists announced that the hottest end of March in the last more than 70 years could be recorded this weekend, in some areas of Romania, with temperatures up to 29 degrees Celsius.

“We are talking about particularly warm weather. At this time we are already recording values of 24 degrees Celsius in Calafat, Turnu Măgurele. Today, we will certainly reach the threshold of a summer day, with 25 degrees Celsius”, Elena Mateescu, the director of ANM told Antena 3.
She added that the last days of March will bring temperatures that can approach 28, even 29 degrees, which means that “we will certainly reach records of daily minimum and maximum values, as we also recorded this morning , at 20 weather stations, the highest minimum temperatures for a day on March 29″.
Meteorologists warn that this end of March could thus be the warmest since 1947 to date.

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