Indian student dies after falling from the 4th floor in Bucharest. He was being sequestered by two men

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A 23-year-old Indian citizen has died after falling from the 4th floor of an apartment where he was being sequestered by two men. The two, day workers in Bucharest, had invited the student in their apartment, then had stolen his money and bank cards and had held him hostage.

The two workers have been placed under preventive arrest, charged with theft and kidnapping.

The incident occurred in Berceni area, district 4 in Bucharest.

According to the investigators, one of the workers would have met the 23yo Indian student on Sunday evening and the latter would have agreed to join the worker in his apartment. Shortly after they got in, the workers robbed the student, took his money and credit cards and forced him to tell them the card pin. They sequestered the student and beat him. At some point, one of the aggressors left the apartment to do some shopping with the student’s bank card and left his friend to watch the student.

The worker and the student started fighting and, at some point, the Indian student went out on the balcony trying to jump to another window, but fell down from 14m height. He died few hours later.

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