INS: Average salary up in November 2014

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The average salary went up in November 2014 by 2.2 percent against the previous month to RON 1,743 net value, up by 5.6 percent against November 2013. The highest salaries are recorded in the oil and natural gas extraction field, amounting to RON 4,166, data released by the National Statistics Institute reveal. INS explains the increases were determined by occasional bonuses and by higher incomes according to contracts.

The highest average salary increases were registered in financial intermediation fields – by 23 percent, automotive production, mail and courier activities – 9-13 percent, chemical production, computers and electronics, pharmaceutical sector – 5.5-9 percent, equipment production field, textiles, transports, rubber and plastics production, paper production 4-5 percent.

Decreases of average salaries were registered in forestry – 12.8 percent, oil and natural gas production, metallurgy, metal ore exploitation, coke production, oil processing field, production of transportation means – 4.5-7.5 percent and telecommunication and air transport – 2-3 percent.

The budgetary sector registered increases of the average salaries in the education field – 1.7 percent, social security and health system – 1.7 percent and public administration – 0.7 percent.

The nominal average gross salary was in November of RON 2,412, up by 2.3 percent against October 2014.


Milk output up by 15.5 pc in 11 months, imports down by 20.5 pc

Milk output went up by 15.5 percent (30,844 tons) during the first eleven months of 2014, as against the similar period in 2013, amounting to 230,201 tons. The quantity of imported milk decreased by 20.5 percent from 87,722 tons to 69,763 tons by end November, INS informs. During the same interval the cow milk collected by processors increased to 114,540 tons (up 14.1 percent).

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