IT application for… drinking beer. A young IT specialist from Cluj makes things come true

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Before you go out with friends to town, a simple access of an application on your phone and you can find out what kind of beer you may find, where you can find your favourite beer and even what at what price.

Currently, all this can be found on and are available on the iOS platform, but Bogdan Paun, the young entrepreneur who is behind the idea, is dreaming to design the biggest beer menu in Romania, informs.

The idea was born in December 2013.

“We walked a lot for documentation. We launched the first website on Cluj, I went to about 30 pubs with some of my friends and I gathered the menus, I photographed them. During the weekends we had to type in the data,” says Bogdan Paun.

The site’s launching took place in March 2014.

Specifically, once the application is accessed, you should select the city where you are or where you want to get a beer. Then choose, for example, a particular beer and you can look for all pubs in the town, or you can select a restaurant or a pub respectively. It will display the entire beer menu there.

In the future, the team will focus on expanding business.

Bogdan Paun, 29, was born in Piatra Neamt and lives in Cluj for 11 years now.

He studied at the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and then began working in IT, specifically in the area of testing applications.

The application he is working on his own is aiming at foreign tourists.



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