Man living in Arges County is officially dead for seven years, finds it hard to get back to life

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He was born in Vaslui County (north-eastern Romania), was declared dead in Cluj County (north-western Romania) and lives in Arges County (south-central Romania). Unfortunately he has no identity papers and cannot get hold of new ones because he has been officially declared dead, reports.
Cristian Roman was born in Negresti Vaslui and grew up in an orphanage until 18. He did the military service and then started working for a family in Maracineni, Arges County. By chance he has found out that he… has died in an accident in Cluj County.
His employer has done everything to get Cristian Roman new identity documents, but the People’s Record Directorate Arges claims the problem cannot be solved.
It seems it is a long procedure: before cancelling the death certificate, the authorities should find out who was the person deceased in the accident in Cluj, mistaken for Cristian Roman.

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