Mid-summer time in mid-April. How the weather will be after Monday?

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Temperatures will mount up to 30 Celsius degrees on Sunday and Monday in several regions of Romania, with the weather being typical to mid-summer on Monday.

According to the Romanian forecasters (ANM), the temperatures will climb to 30 Celsius degrees on Sunday, with the hottest being in the southern territory.

The highest temperatures will register in Lunca Dunarii, in the Danube’s river meadow, but the hot temperatures will prevail across the entire southern region. The temperatures are typical to the mid-summer, according to the forecasters.

The sun is clear in Bucharest, with temperatures up to 28-29 Celsius degrees at noon.

However, the hottest day will by Sunday, with the maximum temperatures of 32 Celsius degrees.

The weather will get unstable up to the evening, when rains are expected in the northern country. The rains will be accompanied by lightning discharges, like the type of summer pouring rains.

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