NATO Presence in Romania to Increase Next Year, with Around 4,000 Foreign Troops in French-Led NATO Battle Group


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The NATO battle group in Romania at the Cincu base will be raised to brigade level in 2025 and will have around 4,000 allied soldiers, compared to around 1,500 at present, French General Loïc Girard, Senior National Representative in Romania and the head of the battle group. Of the 4,000 NATO soldiers, the majority will be French, given that France is the host nation for the NATO battle group in Romania.

The other soldiers deployed at Cincu will be from Belgium, Luxembourg and other NATO member states.

In addition to the military, France will bring a total of about 50 Leclerc tanks to Romania, French General Loïc Girard also said in a discussion with Romanian journalists, as quoted by

At the same time, France will bring other artillery, infantry and logistics equipment to Romania.

Raising the NATO battle group in Romania to brigade level is a major priority for Bucharest, and a final decision is expected at the NATO summit in Washington this year.

The allied decision to increase the number of French and other NATO troops on Romanian territory comes against the backdrop of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Moscow’s aggressive posture in the region. In recent months, several political and military leaders from NATO member states have warned that Russia could attack a NATO member state in the coming years.

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  1. Panagiotis Spyridis says

    Yea ok but only the Romanians will truly fight for their lands

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