New profession allures Romanians: Cyber Security Specialist


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STS Chief said he would destroy our political leaders’ electronic environment.

A seminar organized by UTI group on Wednesday marketed a new profession which is gaining ground in our country, explicitly the Cybernetics Security Specialist one. According to PM’s State Counselor Sorin Encutescu, currently the job description for this new profession is in progress, following to be introduced in the operational code and to further be set wage standards accordingly. “Our preoccupation at present is for the institutions to have specialized employees who can work as much as qualified they can in this area. This is the reason why, once having developed the institutional attributions’ system, we are currently working for the job description of the new positions, so that we are able to create in Romania and to introduce in the operational code the profession of Cybernetics Security Specialist. This new profession must be acknowledged and introduced in the Romanian operational code, which is the start for setting wage standards,” said Encutescu at the aforementioned seminar.

He further showed that part of the strategy for the national security industry, a new component has been introduced, specifically the one for developing and supporting public and state economical operators, activating in the cybernetics security area. The counselor mentioned that the state intends to offer fiscal facilities to the companies investing in cybernetics security.

In another trail of thoughts, Teodor Cimpoesu, the director of certSIGN cybernetics security company within UTI, stated that in Romania the cyber attacks are not being made only by Romanian, but also by foreigners. “It is a real menace, on one hand, for the independent user who surfs the internet, from the simple fact that he is stolen the login information and the social networks accounts, not to mention the menace of having the banking data or even the money stolen,” said Cimpoesu.

Romania hit by over 42 million cyber attacks

42 million incidents of informatics security occurred last year in Romania, affecting 2 million IPs, most of the attacks targeting the financial banking system and public institutions. “(…) This is not a joke anymore. We must take measures for encouraging private companies, but also for strengthening the means of protecting public cybernetics systems. If we look in these cybernetics incidents’ statistics, most of them targeted the financial banking system, public institutions and nongovernmental organizations,” stated Encutescu.


On the other hand, Presidential Advisor in security matters Iulian Fota (photo), also present at the event, said that the informatics criminality increased in intensity during the past years and important international criminal organizations are becoming more and more interested in this area because it is more profitable than drug trafficking. “I expect cyber spying and other sorts of attacks to increase. I am worried by the increase in intensity of the informatics criminality. It’s the new business which crime organizations identify as being profitable. It is more profitable than drug trafficking. There are already large international criminal organizations which are giving up on classic activities, such as drug trafficking, and orient themselves towards cybernetics criminality, which is extremely profitable,” said Fota.

Also participating at the UTI seminar, the Chief of the Special Telecommunications Service (STS), Marcel Opris, declared that if he had a “perverse power” or an immunity mandate, he would destroy the entire electronic environment of the political leaders who are not aware yet of the cybernetics security importance.

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