New recording with Sangiorz-Bai mayor reveals abusive conduct with his family. Social authorities, prosecutors start investigations

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A new recording, this time an audio one, with the mayor of Sangeorz-Bai, Traian Ogâgău, has been revealed by Adevărul. According to the newspaper, another child, probably an older brother of the girl featuring in the first footage while is being punished by her father, is heard while trying to calm down the girl: “Calm down, stop crying, otherwise he’ll beat you even more”.

The new recording starts with a child crying and the mayor shouting. “Pipe down”, he says while slamming, breaking and overturning some objects.

Meanwhile, another voice, that seems to be of a child, probably an older brother of the girl, is trying to calm her down, whispering to her: “Calm down, stop crying, otherwise he’ll beat you even more. No matter what, stop crying, me, too, if he hits me hard, I am not crying“. Traumatized, the girl is hear asking: “Is he staying home? How great it would be if he left, to leave from this house.”

Several minutes later, the man is heard while breaking glasses and cursing and apparently threatening his entire family, including the girl’s mother, from whom he divorced.

“F…ing moron, retard! You filthy, criminal b….ch. I’ll punch you, kick you in the head”, the mayor is heard in the recording.

After the case had got in the media, the local social authorities from Bistrita-Nasaud have kicked off a social inquiry in the mayor’s family, to establish of the family environment is proper to his children.

“The mayor’s argument that only him can have the right to decide how to education his children has no relevance from the legal point of view, neither from the moral perspective, as the child’s education inside the family must take place within a legal framework”,  Mădălina Turza, the president of the National Authority for the Rights of Persons with disabilities, of Children and Adoptions, told Digi 24.

At the same time, prosecutors have been notified ex officio over this case, with the investigation being taken over by the Bistrita-Nasaud Prosecutor’s Office. Mayor Traian Ogagau is charged with ill treatment against his 9-year-old daughter.

The crime would have been committed in January, in Austria, during a ski vacation in Austria.

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