Oil tanker-train collision near Bucharest

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A serious collision took place in Dimieni, Ilfov on Wednesday, when a train transporting 100 people hit a road tanker loaded with LPG. The traffic was blocked at the kilometer 25 on Bucharest ring road, in Tunari area, somewhere between Caciulati and Balotesti localities. The railway traffic was cut off, too.

According to the Bucharest-Ilfov Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, the road tanker is 500m away from the train, safe from any fire danger.

Three firefighter vehicles, one extrication vehicle and four SMURD crews are intervening to decontaminate the area and help the passengers.

ISU representatives say the driver of the tanker was taken to Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest, while the engine driver and a woman in the train were also injured, being rushed to Elias Hospital in the Capital. Their condition is stable.

There were 3,000 liters of liquefied petrol oil load in the tanker, which were moved to another tanker. The oil car was lifted with a crane.

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