Oltenia Energy Complex: 18 employees on hunger strike

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Tensions have amplified in Targu Jiu. 18 trade unionists from Oltenia Energy Complex (CE Oltenia) are on hunger strike. Energy Minister Victor Grigorescu, arrived last night at the headquarters of Oltenia Energy Complex, where he held talks with the protesters, tvr.ro reports.
Protesters have reached the point of exhaustion. The talks with the Minister of Energy, which lasted until the morning, have not led to any results. The protesters are desperate they might remain jobless after the proposal to relocate the complex’s headquarters in Bucharest, people have resorted to hunger strike. One of them fainted during the talks with the representatives of Oltenia Energy Complex and was taken to hospital.
The company’s situation is critical, and administrators announced a restructuring programme. Thus, as of February 22 the employees will enter technical unemployment in turns.
3,000 people protested against the relocation to Bucharest, while 18 trade unionists are on hunger strike. The management met the protesters to renegotiate the salaries.
Following negotiations only one issue has been solved, the one of overtime. Furthermore, women are to receive RON 100 (approx. EUR 23) on March 8.
Bad news say in the next years the company is to be restructured. Meanwhile the employees threaten to not give up the protest until the issue of relocating the company is solved. The complex’s management claims the request for this relocation comes from the Economy Ministry.

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