One dead, 14 injured in Teleorman following truck-minibus collision

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At least 14 people were injured in a collision between a truck and a minibus in Teleorman county on Thursday afternoon. The accident occurred on DN 52 in Furculesti village. A pregnant woman is among the injured.

Meanwhile, on Friday, a victim died at Alexandria hospital. The man was 81-year-old and had a cardiac arrest. He had multiple injuries.

Five victims have been transported to hospitals in Bucharest. Four of them were taken to Floreasca Emergency Hospital, while a child was taken to „Bagdasar Arseni” Hospital. Two children among injured are in serious condition.

The accident happened between Alexandria and Turnu Magurele towns, following a collision between a truck and a minibus transporting passengers. The truck driver caused the crash,” said the Teleorman Police spokesperson, Teodora Dragole.

The authorities have activated the intervention red plan, with three SMURD medical teams and two extrication crews going on the scene.

The wounded victims have multiple traumas. Overall, 17 people were involved in the crash, got medical assistance on the spot, with 14 of them being transported to the hospital.


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