One of the hottest nights reported in Romania: +28.9C in Oravita last night


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On Tuesday morning there was one of the highest minimum temperatures reported during the night since there are weather data: in Oravița, in Banat, it was +28.9 C.

At 8 o’clock it was +30 degrees in Oravița and Reșița, in while the minimum of the night was +6.8 degrees at Obârșia Lotrului.

On this day the maximums will reach +40 C in the country, but the weather will then cool down.

Oravița is a city with 15,000 inhabitants in Caraş Severin County and, as it is located in the southwest of the country, its climate is more like the Mediterranean one.

In Oravița there was also +20 degrees in January, and the nights of July and August often bring high highs, of over +25C. In the summer of 2000 there were nights with lows around +29 degrees.

Also on Tuesday night there were +26.7 C in Moldova Veche and +25 in Caransebeș. At Miercurea Ciuc it was +8.6 C, and at Omu peak, +10.

Heatwaves prevailed in Romania this summer, with high lows of 25, 26C, but never as high as it was last night in Oravița. On July 14, the minimum was +27 C in Șiria (Arad County) and +26.5 in Dumbrăvița de Codru.

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