One of the most breathtaking forests in Romania threatened by woodcutting

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Hoia-Baciu forest in Cluj, known among the most haunted forests in the world, located in Cluj county, is now at risk of losing too much trees due to illegal, but also legal woodcutting.

Poiana Rotunda/ The Round Meadow in the Hoia-Baciu forest is mostly targeted by the chopping.

According to the Association „Romania– Your Lifetime Experience” (RYLEx), which provides guided tours through the Hoia-Baciu forest, says that the chopping of last weeks are jeopardizing the area as a natural habitat and as a tourist spot as well.

The association argues that tourists are coming to this forest all the time, particularly the Round Meadow, which is pretty destroyed, as the trees surrounding the meadow have been cut. The guide says cut trees have been marked, but doubts the marking has been legal.

The association has notified the specialist NGOs, as well as city halls of Cluj-Napoca, Floresti and Baciu.

One of the notified NGOs, the Hunting Association for Habitats Research, argues that the marking represent „an abuse of office”, accusing the county councils, the city halls and the forestry services that they won’t assume responsibility in this case. The association further reveals that the illegal cutting of 62 trees in the areas and four people are investigated by the Police.

Thousands of tourists from all over the world have visited the Hoia-Baciu and the Round Meadow in the past years following the reputation of haunted area given by the alleged paranormal phenomena that are taking place here. Some have even claimed there would have been alien life in this area.

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